How did Soul Edge Begin?

Soul Edge was launched at the Soul Survivor Festivals in the UK the summer of 2006. This is when the vision became a reality. The Directors of Soul Edge, Josh and Joel Erb had been invited to intern with Mike Pilivachi (founder of Soul Survivor International) for the year of 2005 and in that season of intensive discipleship and ministry, they caught something- the desire to see other young men rise up as leaders not only in the UK but all over the world.

This replication necessitated dedicated discipleship where young men were pushed in a community that was intentionally seeking and hungry for the lord. With a background of living life as adventure in the foothills of Calgary and the prairies of Saskatchewan, the stage was set for a program that embraced action, genuine seeking of the Lord’s heart and living out a life of love in areas of need through mission.

After 3 boys programs, we felt we were meant to launch the girls version of the course. In 2009 we took 6 girls and 2 leaders on the adventure of a life time, and for them this started in Africa. To date, we have intensively discipled and trained 54 young men and women from the UK, Canada and even Australia. We are extremely proud of all our Alumni, who have gone on to intern with Soul Survivor, work for Christian organizations, pursue theology at seminary or university, youth work qualifications, and a whole host of other educational and vocational choices, both secular and Christian.

By the summer of 2012 we have now run 9 separate courses.  This year we are launching our first official co-ed course, which spends all 5 months in Canada, without cutting out any of the adventure! Choosing Pelican Narrows for our major outreach section of the course is a shift to greater sustainability in projects and is a dream come true for many Soul Edge alumni! God is moving powerfully and to be a part of this First Nations community is an honour.

The geographical contrast amidst the course is stll evident, with volunteering on a cattle ranch in the prairies amidst the Cowboys, snowboarding in the Albertan mountians, to ice fishing and canoeing with the First Nations people below a sky dancing with Northern Lights!

Let the adventure begin! Take a look at our courses today.

Why is Soul Edge unique?

We believe that Soul Edge is unique. Here are a couple of additional reasons why.

Our time in Herbert within rural Saskatchewan, known for farming and ranching, makes up 3 months at the start of the classic course. Herbert is the Ideal place to focus on discipleship. In these quiet prairies in the midst of winter and spring we strip back life to refocus, get vulnerable and posture our hearts to encounter the Lord in new ways.

Outreach is always an adventure. In the past we have led a short trip to Pelican Narrows, 10 hours north from Herbert before flying to Africa. This year we are choosing to focus on ministry in Northern Saskatchewan at First Nation Communities. We know of no other mission or Christian gap year program based in Europe that has led teams to this people group, the Aborigional Peoples of Canada. You will partake in the culture, understand their heritage, and stand beside them. From seeing a Pow-wow, to trying your hand at fishing and tasting Banak for the first time, you will not forget these people, and will leave a part of your heart here! 

Wherever we do Mission, our heart is the same! We push all those on our courses to live a life of surrender. This includes physical work so that we love by sweating among locals on projects, as well as supporting locals in ministry and get alongside those who dedicate their lives to the communities we feel called to impact. We desire to be strategic so that the ministry we do is never primarily for us and our growth, but instead to invest in long term change. Likewise, we believe that you will have experiences that will impact your life forever, and will grow in sharing your faith. 

ROM 10:17- So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.(NLT)

Though everyone loves Africa, we have found that Pelican Narrows is a particular highlight for Alumni, and many have returned. 

In Summary we are unique for many reasons, but this includes our one to one discipleship for future leaders and our desire to be strategic and live radical adventure. We will introduce you to a people that you didn't even know existed. Snowboarding, Ice climbing, riding, climbing numerous mountains, and daily runs are also not on your average mission trip! We will push you physically, mentally and spiritually.