How to give

You can support our work in a number of ways, included the ones listed below, but not limited to it. If you have a specific area you’d like to give towards, we’d love to help facilitate that.


Giving to Soul Edge, our work and ministry program is easy.

Soul Edge Ministries is a Registered Charity in Canada and Non-Profit Organization. We are able to give Charitable receipts for Canadian Residents. 

Cheques are to be made payable to ‘Soul Edge Ministries Inc.’, Charitable Number: 847-168-960-RR001

Mailing Address:

Soul Edge Ministries
Box 274
Herbert SK, Canada
S0H 2A0

You can Also choose to donate online through Canada Helps.

You will find this link at the bottom of the page. Donations over the value of $20 within Canada are also eligible for a Tax receipt. 

Where could your support go?


Soul Edge immediate needs:

We are currently needing to purchase another ministry vehicle due to more vandalism during mission. This is a huge investment but one that is so necessary. We must be able to at all times safely and efficiently transport the entire team in Canada and not get stuck in any snowstorms or in a Valley! This investment will take place prior to the 2015 course start this year. 

We also need to replace basic equiment. For example, the bunk and singular beds that we got at the start of Soul Edge in 2006 are breaking at an alarming rate. These investments will also need to take place before the start of the 2015 course year. 

Since we literally only charge what Soul Edge costs for 5 months of life, ministry and adventure, and the course fee itself is subsidized, we are very dependent upon the lord to provide for larger expenditures such as these. 

In order to accomodate our large teams, we are also making some major adjustments to the Soul Edge base this year. This will come at a considerable expense, but we are very excited for all the changes this brings. 



Pelican Narrows/Mission

Specific giving for Soul Edge driven ministry and projects within our outreach section of the course in Pelican Narrows is also a huge blessing.

The purchase of discipleship material/bibles as well as project finance is aided by generous support. 

We have really felt oursleves wanting to be able to help more families in specific practical ways. We would love to be able to have a greater fund for this. For example, this year we build a fence for a single parent family in need of a safe area for children to play. We would love to be able to do the same for more families in dangous areas and to continue to do so with quality workmanship. 

Churches have got behind our community mission in the past. We would love to partner with your church or individually in order to provide services to the community on mission. This year for example we were given enough fire alarms to put in half of the local homes. Deaths from house fires are far too frequent; this practical response was so appreciated by so many in the community. We hope to finish this project this coming year. 

Sponsor a Participant:

It is possible to also help support accepted applicants who otherwise would not have the finances. If you are interested in this, we would be excited to hear from you. We could put you in touch with specific participants or you could choose to donate anonymously. 

For information on any these areas, do not hesitate in contacting us.

We are so encouraged by our incredible support network. We do not take you for granted.

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