If you are wondering what exactly you will learn on the course you are on the right page. Have a read through all of the incredible training and adventure you will get as a leader in training.  


Areas of Training:


  1. Teaching and Instruction
  2. Adventure Training(all forms of outdoor activity)
  3. Physical Training
  4. Ministry 
  5. Personal Mentoring





During the first three months of the course you will receive two instructional sessions five days a week. These sessions are taught primary by Josh and Kiri Erb who have been teaching for many years in both  the Church and for young leaders. Each of the sessions are about an hr long and range from lecture style to interactive.


If you want a full course syllabus one can be provide upon request. Here are the main areas that are covered during the course. 


  • Spiritual Formation
  • Theology 
  • Christian Identity
  • Leadership
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Kingdom worldview
  • Mortification
  • Sanctification
  • Church History
  • Biblical Overview
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Public speaking and communication





  • Climbing:  There will be a couple of times to climb during the course. You will receive instruction on how to repel. Basic rope skills. You will also have the opportunity to Ice Climb in Johnson Canyon a  dream spot for ice climbers. You will learn the skills necessary to climb ice, and get to climb a 15 meter  section of ice. 


  • Wilderness Survival: Through out the course you will receive training on wilderness survival. From understanding how to dress for extreme  temperatures, too bush craft skills and shelter building. Because of the number of hrs spent in the outdoors in a range of outdoor settings and temperatures. Soul Edge leaders always leave the program feeling confident in any outdoor setting. 


  • Basic Navigation: Our Team leaders are highly experienced in navigation, and route finding. The leaders will work with each individual to teach and train them to increase their ability in the area of navigation, with map and compass skills, GPS and route finding. 


  • Cross- country Skiing:  The Soul Edge base is equipped with a full range of cross-country skis and boots. You will have the opportunity to learn the techniques  of cross-country skiing from our course leaders. During the first number of weeks of the program the team will go out on skis to work on their ability.  As part of our adventure week in Banff you will get to do a 20km ski on the beautiful trails in Lake Louise 


  • Backpacking:  There are a number of adventure trips, ranging from Day hiking trips to multi-day trips in the mountains where you will be carrying both gear and supplies. You will learn the skills to correctly pack a backpack as well as the experience of being in some beautiful wilderness. 


  • snowshoeing: While in the mountains you will have the opportunity too snowshoe in the deep snow that is so often found in mountains. 


  • Canoeing: Your last adventure trip on the course will be a five day canoe trip in the remote lakes of Northern SK. These lakes are some of the worlds last largely untouched places. Very beautiful and remote. With the team you will both learn basic skills of paddling as well as some more advanced skills for running rapids. The Trip is over 50km of paddling and many portages. 


-Snowboarding/Skiing:  Many who come on the course have never had the opportunity to ski or snowboard or have only mastered either at a basic level. You will receive instruction from profession instructions from ski resort and then one on one instruction from our team leaders. Many of our participants are able to be carving within a few days, and then by the end of the course many are of our participants become great snowboarders or skiers 





  • Throughout the course we aim to get each person too their peak fitness. We believe that physical health is important and enables the team to enjoy the physical challenges far more because of the conditioning that they go through. 

5 days a week you will participate in a 3km run followed by a 1hr work-out session. The run is to build cardo - and the work is to build overall fitness. Much of this is done through circuit training. These sessions are just tons of fun and a great way to get in amazing physical condition. 






  • A major focus of the course is to provide both training and opportunity for you to step out in ministry as a leaders.  Here is a simple breakdown of the skills you will learn during your time on the course. Please refer to the “ministry info document” for more info.


You will get both experience and training in these areas:


  • Discipleship 
  • Evangelism 
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Public speaking
  • Kids Ministry




One of the things that makes Soul Edge distinct from many other training programs is our emphases on discipleship/personal mentoring. You will receive a one on one mentoring session every two weeks, and often every single week. The team leaders will speak into your life, give you challenges and help you in your faith walk and personal growth.  Everyone who has ever gone through the program has found the Soul Edge mentoring structure to be incredibly helpful and life changing.