Soul Edge is an adventure-based leadership training course focusing on equipping and empowering young men and women to rise up as a generation of leaders capable and passionate about bringing change and impact to the world around them.

Soul Edge  started off just offering our program only for men. But we now offer it for both guys and girls. Over the past 2 years we have loved being able to train men and women together in our intense discipleship programme. 

Our vision and heart, however, remain unchanged, and just as relevant today as when we started!


The Soul Edge course has many features, here are but a few:

  1. Dependency on the Lord- genuinely seeking his heart and presence
  2. A Leadership Course – empowering a generation of young leaders
  3. Adventure Based – to take you to the Edge
  4. Training to equip , challenge and change – bi-daily teaching sessions 
  5. One to One Discipleship
  6. Opportunity- Outreach focused

In more detail

  1. Dependency on the Lord- genuinely seeking his heart and presence

    Because our program is dedicated to seeking the Lord intentionally we rely on Him in everything! This means a life of adventure, of radical dependency and genuine ministry with the Holy Spirit. Further to that, this means challenge and growth for all involved. For these reasons, no two programmes are exactly the same making each Soul Edge year unique.  

  2. Leadership Training Course

    In order to equip and empower young men and women to rise up as a generation of leaders capable and passionate about bringing change and impact, we focus on developing a personal relationship with Jesus. From that place we also promote an attitude that embraces challenge and change. Both the guys and girls as a result often desire to live life with a holy dissatisfaction for the ordinary and comfortable.

    Throughout the course participants are pushed in a variety of leadership conditions, from speaking, leading teams, leading and serving in conferences- even directing building projects. We focus on character to lead as well as providing the opportunity.

  3. Adventure Based – to take you to the Edge

    Soul Edge is also an adventure-based gap year program. Each week during the training section of the course we go out to various part of western Canada to taste adventure. From trekking in the Rocky Mountains to snowboarding, we believe that for many young men and women this is a great way to be challenged and changed. Leadership qualities are nurtured in hash and challenging environments such as these throughout the course.

    The pinnacle of the adventures for many is Snow camping in -20C; the stuff of legends! In 2013 we are also offering an extended debrief Canoe adventure in the Canadian wilderness! Add this to Ice climbing and all our other trips, and you have one outstanding year 'in the gap'!

  4. We encourage a holistically healthy lifestyle. Physical training is thus part of Soul Edge because we believe the participants need to be pushed both spiritually, mentally and physically. This is done through daily runs and strength building exercises.

    (ii)Teaching Sessions
    Each day in Canada, for the classic course, two teaching sessions take a deeper look at topics relevant to young men and women in order to bring challenge and change to their personal lives. There is an in-depth look at: Identity, Spiritual Disciplines, Relationship with the Lord, Leadership, the Kingdom of God and Social Engagement.

    Our range of leaders each bring something unique to the table. Some are anointed primarily in exhortation, others teaching. This combination accurately reflects our desire not to simply force feed information, but instead to impart passion, embedded in understanding. Guest speakers also enrich the course.

  5. One to One Discipleship

    We prize quality over quantity. As such we generally devote ourselves to a team of between 5 min to 12 max with a leadership ratio to suit. We pour ourselves out in order to invest in personal challenges and ministry.

  6. Opportunity- Outreach focused

    Our heart is to go to the hard places and to equip and empower young leaders to live out the great commission in everyday life. We believe that the best way to learn how to do outreach is simply by doing it. As a team, we minister the love of Jesus to the broken and weary. 


In its simplest form, Soul Edge is just providing the opportunity to really get to know Jesus. By giving the Lord four or five months out of your life, you can be transformed. We desire that you will be able to walk in the fullness of life that you have been created for!  Stepping into this is possible because we serve such an amazing and powerful God!